An artists impression

This is a picture postcard of an artists impression of what Penmaenhead would have looked like around the turn of the 19th century and showing how much of the cliff face is present at that time. Note only one cottage. It is reputed that the roadway came around the foot of Penmaenhead. A quote from George Porters writings in his book "Colwyn Bay before the houses came" reports that - "Pennant, the year before, (1774) praises this Llysfaen road compared with a former track on a shelf on the face of the Cliff. He writes, In my memory the traveller went along a narrow path cut in it`s front, like the road on Penmaenmawr, but infinitely more terrible and dangerous; a fine coach road has of late years been formed far behind this precipice" (present A547) . There are many traditions of a cart track on the beach to avoid this Penmaenrhos promontory which was so serious an obstacle to old time travellers and road makers. The present road, forking left a short distance from the Queens Hotel as one ascends from Old Colwyn was not made till after 1830" unquote .

The next picture postcard photograph shows the head in later years with the addition of cottages which were later demolished for no other reason than the quarry proprietors decided to quarry that particular area, then changed their minds owing to the proximity of the railway tunnel, but not before those said houses had been demolished. Note the presence of the Penmaenhead loading jetty.

Photo of Penmaenhead

A great change has taken place over the last 100 years or so with the most obvious being the disappearance of such a big lump of stone off the end of Penmaenhead!

Here`s what it looks like today. The expressway passes through where once was impassable!

Penmaenhead 2006